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Orientation Flights

Cadet Orientation Flights

O-FLIGHT PROGRAM MOTTO: Safe, Fun, Educational

The #1 reason cadets join Civil Air Patrol is to fly. To motivate them to achieve in the Cadet Program, fly them regularly. It is because of the flying program that CAP is able to accomplish its other goals in leadership, fitness, and character.

All O flights depart from Braden Airpark unless our O flight coordinator informs us otherwise. 

Other airports we will occasionally use can be found here.

O-Flight Fact Sheet for Parents

Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus

Cadet Check List for O-Flights

How To find the  Air Ground Handling Training

Closely monitor squadron email starting 48 hours prior to the flight  for the report time which is contingent on weather, plane type and availability and the pilot's schedule plus notice of any cancellation.


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