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Emergency Services

Getting started in ES

There are many specialty qualifications within Emergency Services and navigating your way through them can be confusing. In all cases, CAP members must start with obtaining their 101 Card. After that, obtaining your Ground Team Member 3 (GTM-3)/Urban Direction Finding (UDF) rating is the most common route. In the links below we will discuss how CAP members can begin their certification process.

Getting your CAP Form 101 (101 Card)
Equipment List
Curriculum book for Ground Teams and Urban Direction Finders

Documents to have on you at EVERY ES Activity (Exercise or Mission)

CAPF 160


CAPF 60-80

101 Card


Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR)

Once you have your GES you can start training as an Urban Direction Finding Team member (UDF) and a Ground Team Member (GTM). Each of these achievement levels requires training in specific tasks (called SQTRs) and experience from field exercises. As you progress you can obtain additional achievement levels. An understanding of what each SQTR can be found in the links below:

Aircrew & Flightline Tasks
Mission Aircrew School Curriculum
Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks
Ground Search & Rescue Curriculum
Mission Base Staff Tasks
ICS School Curriculum

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